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Song of the day: “See the Sun” – The Kooks

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I first heard The Kooks while watching 17 Again.  Their song, Naive, along with my future husband, was featured during the credits of the movie and I noticed it immediately.  Yes, a song convinced me to stop daydreaming about the love of my life and wake up my other senses.  Somehow, I had forgotten about this group until my sister channeled her innate ability to procrastinate and came across See the Sun on StumbleUpon.

Hailing from England, The Kooks is an English indie pop band, that has achieved gold status in the UK and Ireland.  While I like Naive a bit better, See the Sun is serving to be a great song to listen to during a gray day at work.   The guitar line emits a 60s-70s vibe, and compliments Luke Pritchard’s voice perfectly.  I like.

I was actually sent the “alternate version,” but went with the regular version, instead.  But, just in case you’re curious, here’s the alternate version.


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